100% natural cleaning product

Scrubs Organic All Purpose Cleaner is 100% natural ingredient cleaning product.  I began constructing this cleaning formula over 8 years ago by doing research, education and an abundance of trial and error recipes until I managed to formulate todays Scrubs Organic cleaning product.

Six years ago I had it clinically tested and lab test proven with 98% effectiveness against other top green all purpose cleaners.  

My product is ideal for the day to day cleaning maintenance of bathrooms, kitchen, floors (of any type), dusting all surface types, etc.  I personally have my bottle of cleaner place under my bathroom and kitchen sink to allow easy access to spray, disinfect and wipe whenever needed.  IT'S THAT EASY!!

REFILL REUSE Plan is original to Scrubs Organic where your cleaning product will be delivered right to your front doorstep IN a reusable refillable high grade aluminum bottle FILLED with Scrubs Organic CONCENTRATE SOLUTION. 

Choose from FIVE natural aroma scents.

Zero chemicals going back into our water systems.


     Choose TWO 1L high grade Aluminum bottle filled with our cleaning product's concentrate solution.

     One 750mL trigger spray bottle.

     Three cleaning cloths.

CHOOSE your Scents and ORDER BELOW!!