Concentrate Solution REFILL REUSE PLAN

Concentrate Solution REFILL REUSE PLAN

Scrubs Organic Cleaner Refill Reuse Plan includes:

- REFILL REUSE PLAN (doorstep pick up & delivery) $15.25/bottle refill; 2 bottle refills $30.50



REFILL REUSE PLAN with doorstep pick up & delivery:

- YOUR PERSONAL barcoded TWO 1L high grade Aluminum Reusable containers we will PICK UP, throughly disinfect, rinse and ReFILL with Concentrate Solution of Scrubs Organic All Purpose Cleaner and DROP OFF back to your doorstep within 48hrs.


1). PICK UP process:  

- When your Aluminum Reusable Product Bottles are empty SIMPLY order on Scrubs Organic REFILL REUSE PLAN in our Shop, filling out the required form information.

- You will recieve a email or text (clients choice on form) confirming PICK UP TIME of Your product bottles.

- PICK UP time will happen within 48hrs of your Scrubs Organic REFILL REUSE order.

- Place your Product Bottles outside your front door prior to PICK UP TIME.

2). REFILL Process:

- At PICK UP your Aluminum Scrubs Organic porduct bottle's PERSONAL barcode will be scanned and your bottle will be double tagged with a visible name tag for proper transport storgage.

- At PICK UP a confirmation email or test will be sent to you.

- YOUR Bottles are transported in single cube crates allowing none of the bottles to touch each other.

- YOUR Bottles are disinfected and dried.

- Scrubs Organic All Purpose Concentrate Solution REFILLED into each of YOUR bottles.

- YOUR Bottle then packed back into single cube in delivery crates and double tagged again for visible transport storage.

3). DROP OFF process:

- WITHIN 48hrs Your Bottles will be DROPPED OFF.

- A confirmation email or text will be sent to you as your Scrubs Organic All Purpose Concentrae Solution product bottles are placed back on your doorstep.


REPEAT ORDER process for each REFILL.  

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