Concentrate Solution STARTER PACKAGE

Concentrate Solution STARTER PACKAGE

Scrubs Organic Cleaner STARTER PACKAGE for our Refill Reuse Plan:

- STARTER $78.50/package (39.25/bottle - choose two scents for Starter Package)

- REFILL REUSE PLAN (doorstep pick up & delivery)


1). STARTER PACKAGE: - TWO 1L high grade Aluminum Reusable Containers personally barcoded as YOURS and filled with Scrubs Organic All Purpose Cleaner CONCENTRATED SOLUTION (6 scents avalaible) (dev. 2010).

- DOORSTEP Delivery

- Clinically tested by: TURI Surface Solutions Lab, MA.

- EACH 1L aluminum bottle CONVERTS to 4 750mL Trigger Spray Bottles.

- Product is 100% natural and organic ingredients.

- SIX natural scents to choose from.

- 98% germ killing efficiency.

- Use with all Scrubs Organic Cleaning Service Clients since 2010).


2).  REFILL REUSE PLAN with doorstep pick up & delivery:

- YOUR PERSONAL  TWO 1L high grade Aluminum Reusable containers throughly disinfected, rinsed and ReFILLED with Concentrated Solution of Scrubs Organic All Purpose Cleaner returned to your doorstep within 48hrs.

- details of cost and how it works on REFILL REUSE PLAN product page.

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