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Refill Recycle Program

The normal procedure for throwing away many home cleaning products is to use a hazardous waste disposal program. While this is better for than throwing these bottles in the trash, it is time-consuming and bad for the environment.

Our program is designed to reduce the plastic waste going into our landfills and other areas. Using and recycling our 100% natural, effective cleaning product drastically reduces in-home pollution and waste—cleaning product containers are among the top five types of containers in our landfills. Scrubs Organic in Edmonton, Alberta, uses Scrubs Organic Home Cleaner with 100% of all our clients.


How It Works

Scrubs Organic Refill/Recycle Program provides 100% plant based, ONLY natural ingredients, clinically tested and proven All Purpose Cleaning Product directly to your home WITHOUT THE PLASTIC WASTE!! 

we Deliver, we Pick-up, we Refill

  • Scrubs Organic All Purpose CONCENTRATED solution available in 1L high-grade aluminum, capped sealed bottles. These are your Refill Recyclable bottles. 
  • Each 1L aluminum bottle of CONCENTRATED solution FILLS 4 750ml trigger spray bottles.  
  • FIVE 100% natural scents AVAILABLE:  Lavendar/Orange;  Orange/Spearmint;  Grapefruit/Geranium;  Spearmint; Sweetgrass/Geranium (NEW scent). 
  • INITIAL COST:  $32.00/1L Aluminium Bottle of concentrated solution
  • REFILL COST:  $22.00/refill 1L Aluminium bottle of concetrated solution 

easy as 1, 2, 3:  

  1.  Order your 1L aluminium bottle of SCRUBS ORGANIC All Purpose Cleaner concentrate solution
  2. When container empty simply contact Scrubs Organic for Pick-up and Delivery dates. 
  3. Place your empty aluminum bottle on your doorstep on Pick-up date and they are returned to your doorstop filled with Scrubs Organic Home Cleaner concentrated solution on Delivery date.

Our program is easy to use, brings our 100% natural cleaning product into your home, and drastically reduces plastic waste. 

Order your Scrubs Organic All Purpose Cleaner Concetrate solution Refill Recycle aluminum bottles via email, text, or phone at (780) 974-4403.

Additional Information

coming soon:  Scrubs Organic Home Cleaner will also be on Instagram™. This allows all Refill Recycle Program clients to view short videos of "how to use" and "where to use" your Scrubs Organic Home Cleaner Product. It can literally be used everywhere.

Please forward any comments, questions or concerns. Email or text in order today! Payment is currently limited to check, cash or e-transfer. Credit card payment options are coming very soon.

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